Who are we?

We have a special bond with Africa, and will always support the community, even though we don’t forget all people around the world, no matters their color, religion, social class or geographic location.

Why Cardano?

We believe that Cardano will change Africa forever, from the banking system to education and the way people interact with each other.

It’s the only blockchain based on rigorous scientist white papers with a defined roadmap and a vibrant community.

But most importantly we adhere to the same values.

“We’re Cardano. And, if you’ll permit us, we’d like to change the world.” – Charles Hoskinson

Our mission

The philosophy behind Cardano inspires us, we are committed to educate and spread the word to our family, friends and network.

Every month we donate 30$ to a charity we trust and who shares our convictions. The next objective is to be able to use 50% of the profits generated by our pool to give back to the charities, and thus, increase donations.

We would like to thank everyone who will join our stake pool “AFRIK“, and thus, will help us to increase our monthly donation. This could not be possible without your support!

Stake Pool Details

We take infrastructure seriously, our stake pool is located in multiple datacenters in USA and Canada and is hosted on one of the top cloud provider in the industry.

This guarantees us the highest uptime, allows us to mint blocks whenever needed and therefore, protect your rewards.

  • RELIABLE : 99.99% server uptime
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY: 1 block producer and 2 relays split in multiple zones
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: 16g/8cpus/256 GB SSD on all nodes
  • FLEXIBLE: We can easily increase our capacity to meet high demand with the upcoming smart contract release
  • SECURE: Our servers are hardened and protected behind a firewall
  • PRO-ACTIVE MONITORING : We use Pagerduty and get phone call notifications before outage happens
  • BEST PRACTICES: All transactions are signed offline on an air-gapped Raspberry Pi

We are member of Mission Driven Pools [MDP], a collective of mission-based Cardano stake pool operators. These are the current goals of our collective:


All members give back to a cause they defend and you can support them by also delegating your ada into their pool.