Are you new to Cardano? Follow this guide: “Cardano Staking – What Is It And How Is It Done

We recommend you to use Yoroi wallet for a quick start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ada holders can earn rewards by delegating their ada to a stake pool. Rewards are paid in ADA directly into your wallet every 5 days.

Delegation is the process by which ada holders delegate the stake associated with their ada to a stake pool. The ada never actually leaves your wallet, it's like virtually associating the amount of ADA you own, to a stake pool, therefore it's totally secure for you.
It allows ada holders to participate to the network and be rewarded in proportion to the amount of stake delegated.

The more stake is delegated to a stake pool (up to a certain point), the more likely it is to make the next block – and the rewards are shared between everyone who delegated their stake to that stake pool.
Yes, when you delegate your ADA, it never actually leaves your wallet, so it's technically impossible for you to lose anything by delegating to a stake pool.

Even in worst case scenario where the stake pool get hacked, your funds remains safe in your wallet.
Yes. A hardware wallet is a physical device which stores the user's private keys, your assets are more secure with it.
Yoroi and Daedalus supports hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S/X & Trezor model T)
If you don't have any other crypto coins yet — like BTC or USDT — you can buy it on crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. You'll need them to buy ADA.

When you already have USDT or BTC, you can use that to buy ADA at those same exchanges also. From there, you can then withdraw your ADA into your own wallet.

Make sure you use one of the official supported wallets with staking functionality already available: Yoroi or Daedalus
We recommend you to use Yoroi for a quick start.
Send your ADA from an exchange to one of the official wallet: Yoroi or Daedalus
We recommend you to use Yoroi for a quick start.

Then, Search for "AFRIK" in the pool list, and delegate to us. (example below is with Yoroi wallet)

Daedalus is a client running on your laptop and needs to be fully synchronized with the blockchain to start.

Yoroi is a light client running on your browser as an extension. It doesn't need a full blockchain synchronization to start. It's faster than Daedalus.

More details on the difference between Daedalus and Yoroi: here
This is relative to how much you stake. The annual projected returns provided by IO Global (the company behind Cardano) is estimate around 5% per year.

You can also get an estimate yourself by using the calculator provided by Cardano
Time between your first delegation and receiving first rewards is between 15 and 20 days. After that, you will receive your rewards every 5 days.

You can find an easy and comprehensive documentation on rewards mechanism on https://wen.crypto2099.io/
Your rewards are automatically added to your current balance wallet. You have nothing to do.

If you don't see it in your wallet, see the section: "When Will I Receive My Delegating Rewards?"
Yes. The rewards you earn is automatically added to your original staked amount.

When rewards are received, the balance of your rewards account increases; and consequently, your delegated stake also increases.
It compounds automatically every epoch (5 days)
No. You don't loose any rewards.

More details here
No, there is no lock period. You can get back your ADA whenever you want.
Our servers are located in multiple datacenters in USA and Canada and is hosted on one of the best cloud provider in the industry with 99.99% uptime SLA. Server specs: 16g/8cpus/256 GB SSD (block producer), 8g/4cpus/256 GB SSD (relays) with high quality network

This guarantees us the highest uptime, allows us to mint blocks whenever needed and therefore, protect your rewards.
Yes, we do. When you already got your ADA coins, you have to transfer them to one of the supported wallets with staking functionality already enabled. You can use one of the official one: Yoroi or Daedalus.

We recommend you to use Yoroi for a quick start.
You can then follow those Youtube links for Yoroi or Daedalus
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You can have all coming events on wen.pm by our friend Spectrum

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