Our Donations

We value transparency, this is why all our donations are recorded.

We have rigorously chosen 4 trusted organizations that share our values. Each month, we will select one of them to make our donation.

Donation Receipt

Month in progress.

OrganizationDonation dateBlocks / Rewards 20% of rewards FIAT conversionAmount sent
Against Malaria Foundation03/03/20211 / 12 ₳2.40 ₳3.71 $CAD30 $CAD

OrganizationDonation dateBlocks / Rewards 20% of rewardsFIAT conversionAmount sent
Save the children01/29/20210 / 0 ₳0 ₳0 $CAD30 $CAD
Black girls code (extra)01/31/2021---25 $USD

Organization #2 (Extra): Black Girls Code

Donation date: 31/01/2021

Generated blocks / 20% of the rewards: 0 block / 0₳

Amount generated by the pool: 0 $CAD

Amount sent: 25$USD

OrganizationDonation dateBlocks / Rewards20% of rewardsFIAT conversionAmount sent
Amref Health Africa01/01/20210 / 0 ₳0 ₳0 $CAD30 $CAD